The Hare and Hounds is full of history!

Records start in the mid 1600s when Sopwell Lane was the very busy main road into St Albans and welcomed horses and coaches from all over the country as well as leading 200,000 cattle to London a year but The Hare & Hounds was known as “The Falcon” at that time and was beside wasteland adjoining Bing’s Orchard.

In 1748 it was acquired by Thomas Kinder, a St Albans brewer who owned several ale houses in the town at that time.

1774 is the first mention of The Hare and Hounds formerly The Falcon and in 1872 the pub was owned by the Luton brewers Adey and White.  However over this time the land the pub stands on was owned by The Earl of Verulam and up until 1926 the garden was still owned by the Earl.

In the 1990s barmaid, Marion Powell, had an experience she will never forget! She went down to the cellar to get the cleaning products she needed at the start of her shift when she spotted an overwhelming blackness come rushing down the stairs towards her and engulfed her! Marion describes it as pure evil.  But that wasn’t the worst of it! She then heard “GET OUT!!!” screamed at her and she needed no further incentive to run out of the pub!

Sometime earlier the landlord noticed a foul smell coming from the sewage system and it had become blocked by a black gunge coming through the walls of the cellar.  It seems that the building next door was the site of the city gallows.  The bodies of the executed criminals were pushed into a trough which now forms part of the cellar wall of the pub!! It’s ok though, they have built a new wall now between the cellar and the old building.

Today we often meet Harey Harold, our friendly ghost, who occasionally plays with the lighting and music systems as well as knocking the odd thing off the shelves.

Come and feel the history for yourself sitting with a pint of Real Ale in front of our original Inglenook fireplace.

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